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The tournament is in memory of two wonderful people that were tragically lost on October 7, 2002. Sheila and Stephenie Allt, mother and daughter, were returning home from a school soccer game in Tantallon, Nova Scotia, when their car hydroplaned on the rain soaked highway only minutes from home. In that instant so many people’s lives were forever changed.  To honour and remember them, two of Stephenie's best friends, Kate Elliot and Mallory Comeau, came up with the idea of a soccer tournament in their memory.

The home town soccer community of Timberlea, Nova Scotia embraced the idea of something to honour and remember their friends, and the very first Sheila and Stephenie Allt Memorial Soccer Tournament was held in May 2003 in the Halifax County.

The tournament's goal is to bring together young soccer players early in the season for fair play and above all, to enjoy the spirit of the sport. Both Sheila and Stephenie loved soccer, they loved the community that supported the sport and they loved the friendships that developed because of it. It’s those friends that will work tirelessly each year to grow the tournament.

We also wanted to advise you that all proceeds from this event go directly into three scholarship funds – at Soccer Nova Scotia, Mount Saint Vincent University and Ridgecliff Middle School. This ensures the game continues to prosper and support the community as both Sheila and Stephenie would have wanted. Its not improbable to think that some day your daughter or player may someday be awarded one of these prestigious scholarships.